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You find that many may lack the knowledge of Clinical trials but you need to keep in mind that before a drug is administered there must be trials and procedures. Administration of drugs requires strict adherence to the set laws of the state. Without clinical trials that in most cases take some time to be prepared one might be exposed to harmful effects. A drug is usually tested in the laboratory and then later on with live people. There is a lot to be done in clinical research just to ensure that drugs are safe for human consumption. Without following the protocol of any drug then safety is not an assurance.

In fact when mentioning the protocol of the drug it will not only describe the tests and procedures but also who will participate in the trial. Even the medications and dosages to be used are a matter of concern. It does not matter how long the study will take but the necessary information must be collected. You find that there are different phases to be undertaken just to enable the researchers to obtain answers to many questions. In the initial stage, an experimental drug is normally tested in a small group and identified the side effects later on. In the second stage, a larger group is considered and continues evaluating the safety of the drug. It is the last stage of the drug obtaining approval with the aim of tracking long-term safety and effectiveness. In other cases, the participant is not told whether it is a real drug or a placebo. There are benefits that one can attribute to participating in research trials. One of the benefits is that the participants will be receiving free medical services from their respective experts. The participants are also prioritized to receive medical advances before the general public.

It is not true to conclude that there are no side effects during clinical trials and even they could threaten your life. The time spent during the trials by the participants should also be considered. You find that some trials require one to stay in hospitals and others visit the lab frequently for tests. However, the potential risks and benefits should be explained to the participants before and during the study. One should not agree to participate in the process before informed consent is administered. Then the information is gathered in detail once the research is complete. There are some instances when the research might not be effective or even unsafe. In the event of that research, a decision to stop the tests is just arrived at. And if the trials are effective they are made the standard of care by the medical professionals. Results of the trial might be published in scientific journals. The life of many with chronic illnesses will just be improved in the event of clinical trials. You find that even some suffer from memory loss and others tremors. When there are solutions available to the existing health problems there is a need to take prompt action to prevent further loss.

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